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UncategorizedWhy is it important to do AC maintenance every year?

Why is it important to do AC maintenance every year?

Appliances like Air conditioners need to get services and cleaned regularly. Getting them cleaned is crucial regarding health and pure air quality. Its filters, fins, and coils require regular maintenance for units to function efficiently. Negligence in this regard may shorten the usability and decrease air conditioning performance.

So, AC maintenance is required every year for numerous reasons.

Reasons to have AC maintenance Every Year!

Filter Replacement increases efficiency

The filters in your AC can get clogged by dust, decreasing the amount of airflow. The dirty filters are not suitable for health as they contaminate the indoor air with unhealthy dust particles, which can cause breathing issues by allergic reactions. Regular and yearly replacement will ensure your filters are excellent and dust free. This will increase the efficiency of your AC while giving you clean and fresh cool air to beat the heat.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Well-maintained AC reduced energy consumption. AC doesn’t need extra effort when all parts work fine, which means less electricity or solar power consumption.

Improves Air Quality

With filters replaced, coiled cleaned, and fins dust-free, your AC ensures to provide clean and filtered air for your indoors. ACs work in vacuum spaces, which means no ventilation and extra air-inlets and outlets, due to which you need to maintain the atmosphere inside your rooms for uninterrupted fresh breathing. If your AC is not cleaned correctly, it can contaminate the air causing suffocation. So, you must not compromise on this factor and have it cleaned regularly to avoid potential health risks.

Expand the lifespan of your AC

Your well-maintained AC does not only provide you with good air and efficient cooling but will also expand its life expectancy. Maintenance is cheaper and more accessible, while replacement, repair, and new installment would burden your pocket. So, don’t you think it is better to have your AC regularly checked and cleaned rather than getting it replaced?


AC maintenance is an economical choice and will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It would be best to get your cleaning and filtration done yearly to enjoy stress-free cooling and heating. But make sure you are using reliable and professional services as it directly concerns the physical health of your family and device. Sethnco Dubai is your ideal choice for excellent services at affordable rates if you are looking for professional AC maintenance services. They have a team of experts with modern equipment and can do your AC maintenance perfectly.

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