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Grill, Diffuser, Vav

Grill, Diffuser, Vav

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for optimizing air distribution in commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. With our experienced team, we ensure you get the very best from us. We don’t compromise in delivering excellence at your doorstep.
Our HVAC Services

Our Services

  • Grille & Diffuser Installation
    The installation is the first thing which is a very important part. But with the help of our specialists, you will be getting the best finish out of the installation process.
  • Maintenance and Up keep
    We do understand that maintenance and upkeep are equally crucial. Our technicians perform regular inspections, cleaning, and adjustments to keep your systems running smoothly.
  • Repairs & Troubleshooting
    If you face any issues with your systems, we are quick on the call. All you have to do is contact one of our experts. Our technicians are there to present for you on the repair and troubleshooting service.

Why Choose Our Grilles, Diffusers, and VAV Services?

  • We give you Technical Expertise.
  • We have Customized Solutions for everything.
  • We believe in Efficiency and Comfort.
  • We do Timely Service that meets all your requirements.
  • We believe in better Customer Satisfaction.

Enhancing Airflow And Comfort In Every Space

Seth Int’l will help to deliver the best quality service to you. We bring comfort to your living and increase the quality of life. We have an experienced team to handle all your queries. You get enhanced airflow and comfort in every space. Give us a call and we deliver the best to you in no time.

SETH INT’L is a subsidiary of Seth N Co Delhi India. We have executed and handed over more than 100 projects in the span of just 10 years in India and in UAE. SETH INT’L Maintenance Company has been a one-stop solution for anyone looking for HVAC and MEP contractors in Dubai, UAE.