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Split AC Service

Split AC Service

To better understand Split AC Service, it is a popular cooling equipment which is ductless and has a small design. The Split AC is a rescue during the summertime as it eases you from the overheating of the sunlight. If you are finding difficulties with your cooling system, then Seth Int’l is the solution for you. Our professionals are there to help you with your split AC service. We are your trusted partners in ensuring that your split AC runs efficiently and keeps your space cool and comfortable. 

Our HVAC Services

Our Split AC Service Offerings:

  • Regular Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is a crucial part of the longevity and efficiency of your split AC. Our experienced technicians will do a proper checkup of your split AC service to ensure that your system operates well and is best at performance.

  • Repairs

    If your Split AC tends to malfunction from time to time, then you need a good repair for your cooling system. Our skilled technicians are there to repair your AC for better functionality and performance.

  • Installation and Replacement

    If you are looking to replace your old AC System with a new one then we help you in the installation process. The whole process is done with care and precision. So, you get the best AC system for your space.

Why Choose Our Split AC Service?

  • Expert Technicians
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Timely Service
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Safety and Compliance

For All Your Split AC Service Needs, Trust Seth Int'l

Comfort matters in your living space, don’t let any malfunctioning system compromise your living standard. Contact us anytime to rescue your Split AC Service. Our team is here to keep your space cool and comfortable all year round.

SETH INT’L is a subsidiary of Seth N Co Delhi India. We have executed and handed over more than 100 projects in the span of just 10 years in India and in UAE. SETH INT’L Maintenance Company has been a one-stop solution for anyone looking for HVAC and MEP contractors in Dubai, UAE.