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blogMain Role of Electrical Contractors in Designing and Building Projects in Dubai
Electrical Contractors in Dubai

Main Role of Electrical Contractors in Designing and Building Projects in Dubai

Electrical contractors in Dubai play a pivotal role in the execution of any type of building. A well-engineered electrical system makes the facility better to live in. Professional and experienced electrical contractors in Dubai are hired, not only to ensure the benefits of an electrical system but also to develop and implement a safe and secure electrical system in the building. There are hundreds of electrical contractors in Dubai. Witnessing the landscape reformation and city infrastructure development, these experts have got more scope in the buildup of industrial and residential towers and units across the emirates of UAE. From Electrical power setup to lighting, ELV, Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting, etc. are carried out by electrical contractors. While talking about the main role of electrical contractors in Dubai, there are many. Let’s have a look at some highlighting roles

1. Save Time

Painting is not an overnight dream. From preparation of the surface to be painted to choosing the paint, mixing, applying and final coats- it requires time and patience. Hiring a professional painting services Dubai can help you to have a good time, while all these get done through expert hands.

2. Designing

Electrical contractors are responsible for designing electrical power circuit systems, lighting systems, fire alarms, and emergency breaker systems, etc. in the building. A professional approach and procedure are required to design a complete electrical system for any type of building. Design of residential and commercial buildings will get finalized by assigning appropriate locations of equipment and devices including lighting fixtures, socket outlets, panels, HVAC equipment, Water supply systems, Firefighting equipment, etc., are defined. Professional electrical contractors in Dubai, start their designing with the detailed plan prepared by them and detail draft design to client and engineering team to facilitate further accommodations or changes if any.

3. Compliance

The UAE government has structured various guidelines and strategies to execute electrical systems in the facility of any kind. Only professional Electrical contractors in Dubai can help clients with meeting these criteria and requirements. Electrical contractors are required to focus on the client’s objectives and authority guidelines in equal importance. Regulations and guidelines from the applicable authority of the project area, DEWA/SEWA, Civil Defense, Municipality, Etisalat/Du, etc has to be followed. Many established electrical contractors in Dubai could impress the client by providing a plan and design in alignment with these compliances.

4. Report Preparation

Professional electrical contractors take the responsibility to prepare a detailed concept report following the client’s concept report and Authority Guidelines. By attaching all required provisions such as building layout drawings with dimensions and details of plan and design, they will help to get the approval from the concerned authority before placing material orders and commencement of electrical construction work at the site.

5. Procurement

Electrical contractors also take up the role of procurement. They will place an order for required materials for the construction of planned electrical systems for the client. In most instances, their, market connections and relationships with suppliers will help clients with a cost advantage. According to the type of project, they will also support the client with outsourcing or subcontracting other support works associated with the electrical work of the building.
Electrical System Construction -Sethnco

6. Construction of Electrical systems

Construction of MEP systems requires a lot of coordination with other services. Professional Electrical contractors in Dubai work with a well-structured team of electrical engineers and technicians. The proposed plan and design of the electrical system will get furnished in the building through various stages. From the first fix stage of preparing conduits and sleeves in slabs and walls to testing and commissioning and authority inspection- the executed work will get done with experts if you hire any professional electrical contractors in Dubai.

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