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Annual HVAC Maintenance Services

Quick And Efficient Annual HVAC Maintenance Services

Any commercial or residential space that welcomes people on a daily basis demands constant care and check. This includes looking after the health and performance of Air conditioning, plumbing, or electrical systems. This annual HVAC maintenance not only ensures that the place is ideal for any person to live in but ensures the long life of the mechanical devices. At SETH INT’L, we offer a wide range of commercial and residential maintenance HVAC AMC services. Making it the best AC maintenance company in Dubai. These include services like painting, plumbing, Ac maintenance, leaking repair, ceiling leaking repair, plumbing fit-out ceiling, new installation, carpentry, and much more.
Our HVAC Services

Annual HVAC Maintenance in Dubai

Any place with mechanical installments is prone to emergencies. In the UAE, the most common and critical emergency is AC malfunction. Leakage or any other issues that can lead to improper working on the AC can create chaos. These are the times when you need emergency home or office maintenance services.

SETH INT’L offers round-the-clock emergency repair and maintenance services for clients in Dubai. Making it the best AC maintenance company in Dubai. They also offer services such as annual HVAC maintenance contracts. So, no matter if you have a leak in the middle of the night or you need a plumbing handyman, we are here to help. We can also help in electrical repair, drilling, or repairing AC, refrigerators, washing machines, and more.

Emergency HVAC Maintenance Services in Dubai

Reach us now to get the highest quality home annual HVAC maintenance services in Dubai. At SETH INT’L, we work with trained professionals who offer help with emergency drilling, cleaning, maintenance, and more. Hence it is the most trusted AC maintenance company in Dubai. Our expert-led booking team makes sure you get the handyman in a few hours. These include fully trained professionals and qualified technical staff who will arrive on time and deliver the highest standard of service.

Our Services

SETH INT’L is a reliable HVAC company in Dubai. We offer a wide range of services. Each service is customized based on the device’s condition and the consumer’s demand. Here are the top services that you can book


SETH INT’L offers customized Annual HVAC Maintenance Contracts or HVAC AMC in Dubai. Via these contracts, the experts at SETH INT’L ensure that each customer enjoys complete peace of mind by having experts at their disposal 24×7. We ensure:


1. How can I get Annual HVAC maintenance work in Dubai? +

Booking maintenance services in Dubai is easier than you can ever think. You need to contact SETH INT'L and tell them the problem you want a solution for. You can also reach them via WhatsApp or direct call in case of emergency. After a few general questions about the problem and your address, they will schedule an expert visit to solve the problem. To know more about what services they offer, click HERE.

2. What are the HVAC AMC maintenance services? +

From plumbing to electrical work in your commercial setup or home needs maintenance, cleaning or repairing for proper functioning and long life. These include services like preventive maintenance, scheduled servicing, emergency repairs, component repairing or replacement etc. Seth Int’l offer different arrangements for these maintenance services. These include Annual HVAC AMC or one-time servicing facilities.

3. What is general maintenance? +

General maintenance includes repair and maintenance work for machines and mechanical instruments like AC and other electrical devices. These may include services like floor repairing, paint, plumbing work, and heating or air conditioner management services.

4. What are handyman services? +

A handyman is also known as the fixer. This is a professional expert who is skilled in dealing with a range of repairing services. This repair work can be in both interior and exterior. These include professionals like handymen, plumbers, electricians, painting or more

SETH INT’L is a subsidiary of Seth N Co Delhi India. We have executed and handed over more than 100 projects in the span of just 10 years in India and in UAE. SETH INT’L Maintenance Company has been a one-stop solution for anyone looking for HVAC and MEP contractors in Dubai, UAE.